Big Band Express

all your favorite big band tunes in Tucson Arizona


Big Band Express circa 2006 with Tom Patrick, leader

Big Band Express panorama at the Gaslight

Big Band Express 2012 with Christine Vivona, guest harp, Pete Swan, leader

Recent Big Band Express Photo Shoot:

Saxophone section:
L-R: Gary Love, Bruce Tost (deceased), Kelland Thomas, Tom O’Kelley (deceased), Wayne Anderson

Big Band Express brass:
top L-R: Glenn Harmon, Kenny Smukul bottom L-R: Lanny Webb, Rob Boone

Bruce Tost, Alto Saxophone

Rick Peron, trumpet solo

Rob Boone, trombone solo

Glenn Harmon trumpet solo

Jack Wood, bass

Kenny Smukul, trumpet solo

Tom O’Kelley. tenor saxophone

Bruce Tost and Kelland Thomas, alto saxophones

Trail Dust Town Sunday March 30, 2013 USO concert

Canteen Party 2014 1800
with the Triple Threat  “Andrew Sisters”

Canteen Party 2014 1786
Big Band Express

Canteen Party 2014 1822
Big Band Express saxes

Canteen Party 2014 1814
“Bob Hope” and Big Band Express

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